Do you have a piece of unused land? 

If you are a farmer, and you have unused land and would like to offer tiny-houses for rent then this page is for you!

Join the adventure and become an outstanding host

We are constantly on the lookout for new places

Do you have hectares of property, far from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then hosting a Tiny House PARCEL is perfect for you. Our 100% autonomous and responsible cabins are easy to install. We build them in the Gard and install them on your property ready to use. Want to develop accommodation on your land? Apply below to join the Parcel community.


What is Parcel

Parcel is a growing community of environmentally conscious people who want to enjoy exceptional holidays away from the city and mass tourism. We work hand in hand with land-owning farmers to offer travellers a stay in one of our tiny-houses. Parcel's aim is to work with farmers by offering an eco-friendly alternative to those who wish to disconnect for a weekend.

How does Parcel works ?

icone d'une tiny house

A tailor-made offer

Do you have a piece of unused land? Contact us to set up a tiny-house and develop accommodation in the heart of nature.

icone d'un calendrier

Host when you want

Parcel takes care of the promotion of your accommodation.

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Make an income out of it

Earn a commission for every tiny house night booked. 

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