Special offers to spend a night in a tiny house

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The SLOW offer

We know that one night can sometimes be a little too short to really let go, so we offer you the possibility to extend your stay with our SLOW offer. Starting from the second night, take advantage of 15% off per additional night booked.

For wannabee mathematicians, the math is simple: 1 night = €140 I 2 nights = €221 I 3 nights = €331.50

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3 reasons to book a night with Parcel

icone d'une localisation


The city is nice, but the countryside is better. Enjoy a few hectares of greenery in the heart of an agricultural property. Here there are no neighbours, nor wifi to encourage you to rediscover the simple things.


It is said that eating well is the beginning of happiness. We therefore invite you to come and see for yourself and enjoy the gastronomic richness of the French terroir. At Parcel, we eat and eat well.


No Netflix but we chill anyway. No skype; no zoom only a small radio and breathtaking views of nature.

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