How can I become a more responsible traveler?

Here are 6 tips to reduce your impact on the environment during your trip. You don't have to go on a fasting and yoga retreat in the Drôme to become a responsible traveler. Here we reveal six attitudes to travel that reduce your carbon footprint.

Take the train instead of the plane

Even if we're well aware that the SNCF isn't always on time, we'll take it in our stride and prefer a round trip by TGV to a domestic flight. According to reports from the European Environment Agency, a train emits 14g of CO2/passenger/km, compared with 285g of CO2/passenger/km for a plane.


Choosing environmentally-friendly accommodation

We look to the three biggest sustainable tourism labels, Clé Verte, Ecolabel and Green Globe, to ensure that our accommodation is environmentally friendly and sustainably managed. Respecting over fifty criteria, the labels certify sustainable management of everything from water to cleaning products.

Beyond these labels, many accommodations are taking a responsible and sustainable approach without being certified, like Parcel (and yes, certifications take time and money - but we're working on it...) In this case, we take the time to look at the brand's commitments.


Prefer slow activities such as cycling and walking to motorized sports

On vacation, we avoid motorized sports that pollute and make noise. Instead, we prefer cycling, horse-riding or simply walking. Millions of applications are available to make you the responsible traveler of the year and help you discover breathtaking walks.


Stay on the marked paths

Surely you'd like to get away from the "tourist spots" and find the perfect angle for your next Insta story? Beware: exploring off the beaten track can have an impact on the flora, as well as the ecosystem for the local fauna. Follow the marked paths


"Green walking": picking up litter along the way

We're trying out the Green Walk, a trend that simply shows common sense and consists of picking up any garbage found along the way. At the beach, in the forest or in the mountains, we're equipped with a little garbage can bag to collect and sort the garbage left behind by not-so-responsible travellers.


We're trying zero waste

We try to adopt good habits to limit packaging, we think of a gourd instead of a plastic bottle and we take our food container to avoid single-use trays. Oh yes, and we refuse straws of course!