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Are you a farmer/vinegrower looking to rent out tiny houses on your farm? Our concept is for you! Join the adventure and become a Parcel host.

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What we are looking for

📍 Destinations within 2 hours of major cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Toulouse...).

🧑‍🌾 Partner farmers and winegrowers

🌿 Places in the heart of nature with privileged views and no visual or noise pollution

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You have 2 options

Without investment (shared management)

We install the turnkey Tiny House on your land at our own expense and share the revenue with you.

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Purchase option

Invest in your Tiny House, we'll take care of marketing it

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How the partnership works

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What's next?

  1.  After filling in the form you will be contacted within 1 to 5 days.
  2.   If your project matches ours, 1 visit will be scheduled.
  3.   If the visit goes well, we'll help you with the administrative formalities.
  4.   If planning permission is granted, we will draw up a partnership contract.
  5.  An onboarding meeting will be scheduled with the Parcel team to put your destination on the market.
  6.   Installation of the Tiny House will be scheduled
  7.   You'll be ready to welcome the first travelers 😍

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