Our philosophy

The break you need

Nature as far as the eye can see and phone off: the perfect combo for finding yourself and letting go.

Switching off your phone

Spend the night at Parcel and enjoy the luxury of completely disconnecting. The idea? Swap your phone for a coloring book or board game to (re)take time away from your screens. The ultimate kiff: press play on the radio cassette and start relaxing.

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Breathing in the fresh air

Nestled in the heart of the St Emilion vineyards or in the forest of Brittany, enjoy a bath in nature. Imagine sleeping in the middle of nature to (re)discover the pleasure of simple things.

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Leave feeling rested

After a super-cozy stay in the Tiny House, followed by a legendary lie-in, you'll be ready to return to reality. It's imperative that you take some of this new-found serenity with you to your next visit!

Discover our havens of peace

A discovery near you

You know NYC like the back of your hand but not really the surrounding region? Don't worry, Parcel strives to find exceptional places in the most beautiful (and gourmet) regions of France. A place to discover? Send us an email and we'll go exploring.

Discover our havens of peace

A minimalist and sensible lifestyle

The good things are often the simplest. We believe that it is essential to consume sensibly. So we've thought of the best way to offer you everything you need without the fuss. At Parcel, we discover the best of local producers while respecting the seasons. Small gestures that go a long way.

Discover our havens of peace