Find out how these mini-homes are designed in the middle of nature

A house designed to fit into the landscape

We have imagined our Tiny Houses to respect the environment. Eco-designed in wood, our Tiny Houses are open to nature. Imagined in a minimalist design, they remain comfortable and welcoming all year long.

An energy self-sufficient micro-house

In a Tiny House, water comes from the rain and electricity from the sun. Solar panels installed on the roof allow you to enjoy your Tiny House like a conventional dwelling, but we ask you to keep your water and electricity consumption to a minimum. Remember, a shower should last two minutes.

Sustainable materials

Each Tiny was built with wood from responsible sources, the insulation used comes from cotton clothing recycled by Le Relais.

Dry toilets without sawdust made in France

All our Tiny Houses are equipped with dry toilets without sawdust imagined by an engineer from Marseille, these innovative toilets allow to save more than 15 000 liters of water per year per person. The waste can be transformed into compost.

Tiny Houses for tribes

Customized welcome, adapted environment, 100% natural experiences and beautiful conviviality... Parcel's Tiny Houses are ideal for great moments to share. Whether you are with your family or your friends!

Discover the Tiny kids friendly