Berry: Where joie de vivre meets tradition

Welcome to Berry, a little nugget in the heart of France that will seduce you with its rustic charm, delicious cuisine and inhabitants as warm as the sun that bathes these lands. If you're looking for an authentic getaway, Berry is the place where joie de vivre blends harmoniously with tradition.

Time travel in the heart of Berry

Berry is like a breath of fresh air in our often rushed world. Walk through the cobbled streets of the small villages, and you'll feel transported back to a time when simplicity was the key to happiness. Here, history is told through every castle stone and every street corner.

Here, Berry gastronomy is a feast for the taste buds. Savory cheeses, delicate wines, and lovingly prepared traditional dishes - every meal is a celebration of the region's culinary richness. Don't miss the opportunity to try the local specialty, pâté berrichon, which is simply divine.

For adventure seekers, Berry is packed with unusual activities to make your stay unforgettable. Take a bike ride through sunflower fields, explore local markets in search of hidden treasures, or go hiking in the picturesque countryside. Berry offers a range of experiences to suit all tastes.

The people of Berry are known for their legendary friendliness. Don't be surprised if a stranger gives you a warm smile on the street. Berry is more than a vacation destination, it's a community that welcomes you with open arms.

In conclusion, Berry is an invitation to slow down, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and discover an authentic and warm France. Whether you're a lover of history, good food, adventure or simply in search of moments of happiness, Berry will meet all your expectations!

1 Tiny house(s) in Berry

Villentrois-Faverolles-en-Berry (Indre)

A green interlude 20 minutes from Beauval Zoo, in the Berry countryside, your cabin awaits you, nestled between trees and sheep.

2 adults , 2 children

3 hours from Paris

dogs not allowed

lost on the estate

From 129 € / night

Other Tiny Houses will soon open their doors in Tourraine

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3 reasons to rent a Parcel tiny house

To disconnect and let go

Here, no wifi or TV, but books, games and a cool K7 radio to keep you entertained. Take the time during your stay to switch off.

A bath in nature

Lost in the middle of vineyards, fields or forests, with no neighbors. Take a breath of fresh air and immerse yourself in the heart of nature.

To sleep in a cosy nest

No compromises: ultra-comfortable cabins with soft beds and panoramic views of nature, fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

Comfort, minimalism and elegance

Our Tiny Houses have been designed to minimize their environmental impact while offering a minimalist, yet elegant comfort. They are built with ecological materials such as raw wood and natural fibers.

Included in your Tiny House

  • Bed
    Ultra-soft queen-size bed
  • Shower, toilet and kitchen
  • Soft sheets and towels
  • Heater and fan
  • Board games, books and radio K7
  • Coffee and tea
  • Yoga mats
  • Baby bed on request
  • Barbecue available (depending on destination)