Slow life in French countryside

Eco-friendly cabins accommodation  on farmers land

Rent a tiny house to enjoy a unique stay

in the heart of the iconic Saint-Émilion vineyard

Disconnect during a get away weekend

Make a bet to leave your phone for a weekend and (re)discover the taste of simple things.

Our concept

Spend the night in a stylish and eco-friendly Tiny House, nestled in the heart of nature. No wifi here, but all the elements to recharge your batteries for a weekend, disconnect and (re)take your time. Lost in the middle of vineyards or surrounded by a lavender field, Parcel selects the most beautiful places in France to make you (re)discover nature.

Be part in ecofriendly tourism

On a winegrower's land, discover the best of local producers. Let the winegrower explain his wines to you, or go and pick your vegetables at the neighbouring farm. Everything here is local and in season. Participate in a slow, committed tourism.

Enjoy an eco-friendly way of travel

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A farmer icon

Outstanding farmers

They are winemakers,  vegetable producers or cheese makers and are all passionate about their savoir-faire looking after quality. They are giving you access to their land with an exceptional natural spot

une icone de feu de bois

Experience the heart of nature

Parcel. is not your usual hotel room. Lost in the vineyards or nestled on the heights of a meadow, find a minimalist but very confortable cabin designed to blend in with the natural beauty of the landscape.

une icone de feuille

A minimal ecological footprint

Design to preserve the environment, each Tiny House is 100% selfsuffisant and eco-conscious. Dry toilet made in France, solar pannel et rain water tank. Sleep in nature-friendly accommodation.

Our destinations

handpicked with love

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