The perfect escape: sleep in a Tiny House in Nièvre

At the crossroads of wild nature and historic charm, the Nièvre is an ideal destination to escape and immerse yourself in an enchanting setting. Rent a tiny house, a small, compact and cleverly designed home, for a magical getaway.

Back to basics

Tiny houses embody the idea of voluntary simplicity, encouraging travelers to get back to basics. In the Nièvre region of France, our tiny house is perfect for an intimate retreat where you can escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with nature and yourself. The cleverly designed spaces offer all the comforts you need, while limiting the superfluous, for a soothing experience.

A unique natural and historical setting from the Tiny House

Nestled in the heart of the Nièvre countryside, our tiny house allows you to fully immerse yourself in the surrounding nature. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds, with a panoramic view over the vineyards.

The Nièvre is also home to a rich and varied historical heritage. Located close to medieval villages and historic sites, your Tiny House lets you explore treasures from the past while enjoying modern comforts.

An ecological awakening with an unusual habitat

Tiny houses are designed with an eco-responsible approach, using sustainable materials and integrating renewable energy solutions. Our Tiny House in the Nièvre allows you to enjoy a more planet-friendly travel experience, in harmony with the natural world around you.

In short, renting a tiny house in the Nièvre region perfectly combines the charm of outdoor living with the comfort of a well-designed space. The opportunity to experience an escape where nature, history and calm come together to create a memorable experience.

2 Tiny house(s) in "Nièvre" France

Saint-Père (Nièvre)

Close to Sancerre, your cabin nestles between vineyards and valley for an intense dose of nature

2 adults , 2 children

2 hours from Paris

dogs accepted

lost on the estate

From 119 € / night
Le Noyer (Cher)

Just a stone's throw from Sancerre, your tiny house sits on the edge of a forest, overlooking adorable goats for a real taste of nature.

2 adults , 2 children

2 hours from Paris

dogs accepted

lost on the estate

From 119 € / night

More Tiny Houses to open soon in the Nièvre region

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Tiny House rental near Sancerre

A Tiny House just a stone's throw from Sancerre, where you can recharge your batteries in the heart of the vineyards and discover the region's famous wines.

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3 reasons to rent a Parcel tiny house

To disconnect and let go

Here, no wifi or TV, but books, games and a cool K7 radio to keep you entertained. Take the time during your stay to switch off.

A bath in nature

Lost in the middle of vineyards, fields or forests, with no neighbors. Take a breath of fresh air and immerse yourself in the heart of nature.

To sleep in a cosy nest

No compromises: ultra-comfortable cabins with soft beds and panoramic views of nature, fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

Comfort, minimalism and elegance

Our Tiny Houses have been designed to minimize their environmental impact while offering a minimalist, yet elegant comfort. They are built with ecological materials such as raw wood and natural fibers.

Included in your Tiny House

  • Bed
    Ultra-soft queen-size bed
  • Shower, toilet and kitchen
  • Soft sheets and towels
  • Heater and fan
  • Board games, books and radio K7
  • Coffee and tea
  • Yoga mats
  • Baby bed on request
  • Barbecue available (depending on destination)

Discover the opinions and feedbacks of our travelers.

Magical moment spent in the heart of the vineyards of Château Champion in the Tiny House Parcel.


Thank you Parcel Tiny House for this incredibly well thought out tiny which allowed me to spend a pleasant dream stay (completely disconnected!).


Wonderful weekend in Sabine's tiny in the middle of the horses. The tiny is very cosy, warm thanks to its gas stove and bright.


A superb stay in the Tiny house, a top farm in organic farming with great products and a real know-how.


Discover the Nièvre: between authentic nature and historical heritage

Nièvre, a department in the heart of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, is a hidden treasure worth exploring. With its unique blend of unspoilt natural landscapes and historic heritage, the Nièvre offers a memorable getaway for travelers in search of authenticity and rustic charm. Sleep in a Tiny House to immerse yourself in the wonders of the Nièvre and discover the region's riches.

Nature and historical and cultural heritage

The Nièvre is a paradise for nature lovers. Its vast forests, green hills, vineyards and winding rivers offer an idyllic landscape for relaxation and outdoor adventure.

Nièvre also has a rich historical heritage. From medieval castles to picturesque villages, every corner of the Nièvre tells a captivating story. The city of Nevers, capital of the Nièvre, is a cultural gem. Its ducal palace, historic churches and half-timbered houses bear witness to the city's rich past.

Gastronomy and art of living

Nor does the Nièvre disappoint food lovers. The region is renowned for its local produce, such as Nevers goat's cheese, artisanal charcuterie and wines from the surrounding vineyards. Local markets offer the chance to taste fresh produce and meet passionate producers.

The art of living in Nièvre is steeped in local traditions. Festivals, craft fairs and cultural events regularly enliven the towns and villages, offering visitors plenty of entertainment during their stay in a Tiny House.

The Nièvre is a destination that awakens all the senses. With its enchanting landscapes, rich heritage and delicious cuisine, this region offers an authentic and memorable experience. Set off for a timeless escape in a Tiny House cabin in the heart of the Nièvre countryside.